painted paper collage on panel, 17″x15″

Fig Leaves Answering the Light

oil on panel, 24″x 20″

Neighborhood from Second Floor Window,
painted paper collage, 18″x11″

Neighborhood View, Fall-II
flashe, 11″x8″

Acre View Through Tree Branches,
collage, m/m 18″x22″

Acre View through Tree Branches
oil on canvas 12” x 16”

Back of Dutton Street, Lowell
collage, m/m, 16”x15”

Back of Dutton Street, Lowell
oil on panel, 12”x10”

Hellenic School and Rooftops
collage, m/m, 8”x13”

Hellenic School Triology-I
oil on panel, m/m, 8”x10”

Bridge at Le Port with Crape Myrtle
collage, m/m, 21”x28”

Bridge at Le Port with Crape Myrtle
acrylic on paper, 12”x16”

Window with Geranium
collage, m/m, 22”x18”

Courtyard at River House, Le Port
oil on paper, mounted on panel, 15″x11″

Magnolia Still Life with Chair
collage, m/m, 16”x24”

Magnolia Still Life Next to Red Stool
oil on canvas, 18”x24”

Magnolia and Blue Box
collage, m/m, 16”x12”

Still Life at City Window
oil on canvas, 18”x18”

Magnolias, Window, Wine and Fruit
collage, m/m,  22″x30″

The Blue Box
oil on panel, 18”x22”

City Gardens
painted paper collage 14” x 24”

Flowering City
Panel for Enterprise Bank community mural project
oil/canvas collage, 15″x33″

Flowering City Detail

Flowering City Detail