Reading Corner: Another Look

painted paper collage, 18″x 22″

Reading Corner

acrylic on canvas 8″x10″

Monet’s Bridge over the Mississippi

painted paper collage, 12″x 15″

Markers in the Mississippi

acrylic on paper, 14″x 14″


painted paper collage on panel, 17″x15″

Fig Leaves Answering the Light

oil on panel, 24″x 20″

Neighborhood from Second Floor Window,
painted paper collage, 18″x11″

Neighborhood View, Fall-II
flashe, 11″x8″

Acre View Through Tree Branches,
collage, m/m 18″x22″

Acre View through Tree Branches
oil on canvas 12” x 16”

Back of Dutton Street, Lowell
collage, m/m, 16”x15”

Back of Dutton Street, Lowell
oil on panel, 12”x10”

Hellenic School and Rooftops
collage, m/m, 8”x13”

Hellenic School Triology-I
oil on panel, m/m, 8”x10”

Bridge at Le Port with Crape Myrtle
collage, m/m, 21”x28”

Bridge at Le Port with Crape Myrtle
acrylic on paper, 12”x16”

Window with Geranium
collage, m/m, 22”x18”

Courtyard at River House, Le Port
oil on paper, mounted on panel, 15″x11″

Magnolia Still Life with Chair
collage, m/m, 16”x24”

Magnolia Still Life Next to Red Stool
oil on canvas, 18”x24”

Magnolia and Blue Box
collage, m/m, 16”x12”

Still Life at City Window
oil on canvas, 18”x18”

Magnolias, Window, Wine and Fruit
collage, m/m,  22″x30″

The Blue Box
oil on panel, 18”x22”

City Gardens
painted paper collage 14” x 24”

Flowering City
Panel for Enterprise Bank community mural project
oil/canvas collage, 15″x33″

Flowering City Detail

Flowering City Detail