Connections: continued and renewed

Meredith Fife Day, statement

This exhibit includes current work as well as paintings that preceded it. While not intended as a retrospective, the relationship of past and present is, for me, alive, intriguing and undeniable.

A steady diet of my own paintings and those of artists whose work I admire is in itself a thread moving through the years. Training in observational painting and attraction to abstract form in all good painting give me a deep well from which to draw inspiration and attention to interpretation of things seen, moments experienced, memories tapped.

Change is inevitable, and there are no guarantees that it will be compatible with what I believe to be true about what I see and how I express its impact on my inner world. Trends, social and political upheaval, and absorption of other cultures’ tropes give me reason to question the way I paint and put paintings together.

My questioning is both continued and renewed by the connections I find intertwined between past and present. Those connections give me a lens through which to acknowledge and, to a modest degree, appreciate the sensibilities that have brought me to this point in my work: affection for the way individual elements work together for unity, desire to reclaim the poetic in image and paint, hunger to learn from great painters who have come before me, and sincerity.

Painting has been a life force for me over many decades. Most chapters are still open-ended. I am not ready to close the book.